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I'm Not Black, I'm Coloured
Identity Crisis at the Cape of Good Hope
In the wake of one of the greatest failed social experiments in the history of mankind, 'I'm not Black, I'm Coloured' is one of the first documentary films to look at the legacy of Apartheid from the viewpoint of the Cape Coloured. A people who in 1994, embraced the concept of Desmond Tutu's all encompassing 'rainbow nation', but soon thereafter realized that freedom, privilege, economic growth and equal representation would not include them. A people who for more than 350 years has been disregarded, ignored, belittled, and stripped of anything they can call their own enduring a complex psychological oppression and identity crisis unparalleled in South African history.      

'I'm Not Black, I'm Coloured' explores the rich history of the majority population of Cape Town, the Cape Coloured, and their complex existence in a country still struggling with racial identity. Local elders, community leaders, members of Parliament, pastors, educators, and college students give first hand accounts of their past experiences under Apartheid and discuss their concerns for the future as tensions continue to build. Witness the discovery of their ancestral roots through a ground breaking genetic DNA project in South Africa.

Film is 52 minutes (TV network version). All South African cast and crew.          
Cast and Crew
Executive Producer Brad Bauer
Producer:    Kiersten Chace   Monde World Films, LLC
Director:        Kiersten Chace    Monde World Films, LLC
Cinematography: William Diedericks     Wheels Productions South Africa
Original Film Score:   Todd Kmieciak    Lost Rain Productions
Original Songs performed by:   Wilmot Fredericks
Other Music: Brendon Adams
Graphic Design Antoni Commodore -
Mastering: Crash and Sue's Minneapolis
Sound Rerecord Mixer: Patrick Green
Cast James Bergman
  William Diedericks
  Jody Engelbrecht
  Desire Diedericks
  Eddie Jacobs
  Japie LaPorta
  Michael Adams
  Theodore Josias
  Andre Jacobs
  Edgar Michaels
  Eddie Edson
  Tom Klein
  Danny Olifant
  Chantalle Fredericks
  Doreen Van Rooyen
  Julie Van Rooyen
  Sabrina Adams
  Rothea Jacobs
Crew Rothea Jacobs
  Sabrina Adams
  Cynthia Edwards
  Desire Diedericks
Special Thanks Bennett Greenspan - Family Tree DNA
  C. Sunny Martin - C. Sunny Martin & Associates
  Coldwell Banker Burnet
  Varde Partners
  Melody Gilbert - Frozen Feet Films
  Daniel Pierce Bergin - TPT Minneasota / PBS
  Nick Gumm - Editor
  Ericka LeRoux - Western Cape Archives
  Jonathan Western - Author 'Outcast Cape Town'
  Vernon Chico Rowland - Jacynth Productions
  Donna Johnson - Graphics
Other Thanks:
Robyn Alexander
Angela Andrist
Andrea Beack
Clive Cairns - Cape Town
Kenneth Fox
Lyndall Johnson
Marie Jonkers
Lynette Lewis
Dawn Mikkelson
Glenn Strand
Gina Szafraniec
Mary Ray
Jesse Roessler
Sharon Apollis



African and African American Studies
Ethnic Studies
International Studies
3rd World Politics


Affirmative Action / Equal Rights
Cross Cultural / Racial Identity and Self Esteem
Bi-racial / Interracial studies
Tribal vs Non-Tribal Identity
How Ethnic Identity is Constructed and Reconstructed
Ethnic Relations and Comparisons
Western Misconceptions of Africa / South Africa
Slavery - History of Slavery in South Africa - Cape Town
Slavery - Comparative Studies between African American and South Africa Slave History
Genocide and the KhoiSan People
The Role African Americans have played in the History of the Coloured People
Socio-genetic Marginalization / Genetic DNA Testing / Ethics / Blood Politics
Apartheid Studies
Importance of Heritage, Traditions and Culture
Human Rights
The Effects of Psychological Oppression
The Effects of Forced Removals
Intergenerational Suffering
Social Structure
White Dominance / Colonialism
Politics in the Western Cape Province
Afrikaans Language and the Coloured People
2009 Chace Studios