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  The Other
Without Fear, Favour or Prejudice
Author: Chris Navavie Greenland
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  Lesley Ann Brandt  
  Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Lesley-Ann Brandt has become
one of the biggest South African exports via New Zealand after immigrating to Auckland
with her parents and brother in 1999.
With her mixed ethnic background,
Lesley-Ann is Hollywood's exciting new discovery.
  Rushay Booysen  
  Afrikaaps - The Film  

Director: Dylan Valley
Docu, 52 min

The documentary follows a group of local artists creating the hip-hop opera Afrikaaps,
as they trace the true roots of Afrikaans to slaves in the Cape.
This is the untold story of Afrikaans liberated from its reputation as the language of the oppressor,
taking it back to the people who own it. It features the musical greats, Jitsvinger, Kyle Shepherd,
Emile (black noise), Shane Cooper, Moenier Adams, Blaq Pearl,
the powerhouse b-boy, Bliksemstraal,
and the poetic genius of Jethro Louw.

Winner of the Best Documentary at the Cape Winelands Film Festival 2011!
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